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The Wedding of james_rietz and _yoshiki_ Shall be Friday at 7:30 pm EST, at Chapel of Dreams, With a Party following at 8:30 at a Large Nightclub.

*both are also being held on AIM at the same times*

Wedding cermony inculdes both Amercian, and Buddist cermonies.The couple has decided to do their own vows which will be following the Sake cermony, "ritual sharing of sake from three flat cups stacked on top of one another. Popularly called san-san-kudo, this ritual can be performed any number of ways, depending on your family's custom. The groom may lead, taking three sips from the first cup, followed by the bride, who also takes three sips from the first cup. Then they move on to the second and third cups. The sake is then offered to the couple's families." then the rosary cermony "the ceremony is the rosary, or o juju, which has 21 beads of two different colors. Eighteen beads represent the couple, two represent each family and one represents the Buddha. Joined on one string, the beads symbolize the joining of the families." The rosary shall be wraped around the coupled joined hands which then the ring and vows followed by the 'I dos" shall take place.

The Colors are Black and Neon Purple, it's a Japanese Blacklight type of wedding. mixing both clutures and musical tastes.

Attire is Formal can be american or asian outfits.

RSVP in james_rietz or _yoshiki_ LJ's.

Thank you.
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