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Must Be Asian

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Saturday, December 27th, 2003
8:41 am

Hi, my AOL is sexy sugizo and well that is all I planned to say. But it only fills one line. Two now.

I am Sugizo Yasuhiro, guitarist and violinist for Luna Sea. I am also the sexiest member of Luna Sea! ^_^

And I think Jiro should un-bubble my head in his userinfo. >.

current mood: awake

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Thursday, December 11th, 2003
9:50 pm


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Monday, November 17th, 2003
5:47 am - Again, I'm in the hizzay. Fo shizzay! ... I'll stop now, seriously.

[OOC: I'm the new Kaoru. Figured I should say hi as Kaoru.]

I'm Kaoru. I play guitar for Dir en grey.

Great fun, oh yeah.

current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
11:06 pm - Hi

I just noticed I got added here. My name is Lu Chen, I am from China but I have lived in the US for a while now. I am a figure skater and I am a two time bronze Olympic medalist and a World Champion in my sport. Thank you for adding me!

current mood: content

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
2:13 pm

Andou 'Die' Daisuke, from the band Dir en grey! Yep. I play guitar alongside kaoru_krcube. He's also our psycho fearless bandleader!

I'm gonna go before I get killed, bwaha!

current mood: bouncy

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10:51 am - Hellos

This is me and mine.

First is Me, and next is my heart my Camui.
I am Kaoru the leader, and guitarist of dir en grey.... the entire band is here, all except for Shinya..

Hello nice to meet you


current mood: amused

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
11:15 pm - Ms. Universe 03

I think Ms. Japan shoulda won Ms. Universe! She was very pretty.

Ms. S&M (*dies*) had a funny answer to "Would you rather be fire or water?" question.

current mood: blah

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
5:39 pm

well hi

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
9:09 am - check this out


current mood: amused

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003
8:51 pm

Whoa, a community. Hot dog. I'm Joe Hahn. My folks are Korean, which makes me Korean also, but I was born in the States. I'm the DJ for Linkin Park. Glad to be added. Thanks.

current mood: curious

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Saturday, May 24th, 2003
11:22 am - Hi

I noticed I was added so thank you to whoever added me. Hi my name is Jennifer Don and I'm a pair skater with my partner Jonathon Hunt. I was born in Texas and my family still live there although I train in Delaware. I've been to Asia a few times and I would love to go again because it's such a beautiful place and very peaceful. Well that's all for now.
Love Always Jenny

current mood: happy

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3:02 pm - yo
mike_k_shinoda i'm michael kenji shinoda, half japanese, half white - i'm the emcee (rapper) from [[Linkin Park]].

thanks for adding me. i can be found on aim: drunkn emcee.

current mood: busy

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
10:00 pm - wedding

The wedding has been reschduled to Saturday, same times. Due to problems with Security and Crossbreed's Management decided to drag the entire band into a meeting that day.. Idiots of Management.. so sorry.

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7:50 pm - Hi y'all!

Just saw I was added...thanks to Kyoko for suggesting me. Umm...yeah, I'm Ann Patrice McDonough. I was born in Seoul, Korea-I don't know my birth mother, but was adopted and my mom took me to the US when I was a little over a year old. I don't remember a lot about it from back then (obviously!), but I went back for a competition a little over a year ago and I was able to meet some of my relatives. I've been talkative enough for today. *goes to hide*
Love 'n stuff,

current mood: shy

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4:08 pm

You all should know me.


current mood: horny

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
11:30 pm - Wedding

The Wedding of james_rietz and _yoshiki_ Shall be Friday at 7:30 pm EST, at Chapel of Dreams, With a Party following at 8:30 at a Large Nightclub.

*both are also being held on AIM at the same times*

InfoCollapse )

The Colors are Black and Neon Purple, it's a Japanese Blacklight type of wedding. mixing both clutures and musical tastes.

Attire is Formal can be american or asian outfits.

RSVP in james_rietz or _yoshiki_ LJ's.

Thank you.

current mood: accomplished

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Monday, May 19th, 2003
12:55 pm - Yeah... I'm asian and all that.

Hey everyone. I'm Kyoko Ina... I'm a figure skater, but I hope that doesn't mean you will pass judgement on me without getting to know me. Anyhow, I was born in Japan and moved to the USA when I was little.

I know some more people you could add:

That is if you want to.

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, May 17th, 2003
1:50 pm

Holler!!!! *grins*

current mood: amused

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Thursday, May 15th, 2003
4:58 am - Welcome

Welcome to Must Be Asain... It explains itself.



~ Yoshiki

If you want in Read the info.

YOU MUST BE ASAIN.. or at least HALF.

current mood: curious

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